Thursday, January 29, 2009

December in a Flurry

We kicked off December with our annual trip to see the National Rodeo Finals in Vegas with our friends. Every year I get stressed as we smush it into an already too busy December and swear that it's our last year. Then we get there and have so much fun that I can't wait until next year.
Here we are on the strip, sticking our heads out the sunroof stopped at a red light.
With our friends, Douger and Terina Eaves, inside the arena.
Outside the arena, before the event, they had a mechanical bull in the parking lot. Of course Douger and I were the only ones brave enought to ride. ;)

In September, Michelle started a musical singing group that she just loves. We got home from Vegas just in time to see her first recital.Here she is with her teacher Miss Jenee.
We went with some friends to a charity dinner at the Christmas Idea House. They decorate an enormus house with a bazzilion decorations that are all for sale.
Conveniently, Rick left his wallet in the car.
I got to go with Michelle's class on their field trip to a flight center.
Here we are in a helicopter simulator. It was really cool. All of the controls actually did the functions they do in a real helicopter.
Here's Michelle in the airplane simulator.
After two years and two months Rick finally got his braces off!!
The crazy thing is, no one noticed! He went to work the next day and finally had to tell everyone (at 3:00) that he got them off. Our friend Katherine Cook (the one in the red at the charity dinner) is the only person who ever noticed and asked him about it. Yes, yes, I know they were clear but still...
Man, he's hot!! :)

Our Birthday Girl

Michelle turned 11 on the 17th. :(
At her party, she wanted doughnuts instead of a cake. You can read more about her party on her blog. :)
In the morning she opened presents (which I obviously didn't get any good pictures of), and that night, she and I went to a cooking class at Shar's and learned how to make lots of yummy Christmas cookies.
My friend Lisa put this bow in her hair and she wore it all night. :)
Christmas with the Hansens
Every year we go to Utah for Christmas, so Rick's family always has a party before we leave.
Here are all the cousins, waiting to open presents (except for Rick's older brother's 6 kids. Their family didn't come).
After presents we had a talent show this year.
Brandon and Michelle did their infamous "Cecilia" routine
Brandon played a couple of songs for us on Jenny's new piano.
We decided to take a picture with all of the girls wearing the headbands Rick's mom had given us for Christmas. The problem was, there wasn't one for Rick's mom.
So we made one for her.
John's wife Tasha, Randy's wife Danae
Rick's sister Jenny, his mom Chris and me.
This is us being "sexy"
When we shouted out "Charlie's Angels," Rick's mom didn't know what we meant.
She figured it out but then shot herself in the head with her "gun."
Hahahahahaha! We were all laughing hysterically :)
By the end of the night, all the kids were pooped.
We all missed Rick's youngest brother Jake who is on a mission. Hopefully next Christmas we'll be in Chile picking him up and seeing the beautiful places he talks about in his letters.


Kenna Koona said...

I'm so proud of my precious Jenny Cakes for updating your blog!

The Hansen Family said...

Now you have to actually look at this post since I published it blank at first on accident. :)

Jenny said...

Awww, cute! My mom, so adorable and innocent :-)

tatiana_qkd said...

LOL!!!! I know my comment is well over a year late but oh my gosh i was laughing so hard when i saw these pics......What a fun moment!!!!! Love and Miss you!