Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks Michelley!!

My cutie Michelle changed my blog for me! She even added music and picked out songs she thought I would like.

Thanks Michelley, you're the best. ♥


The fighter said...
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Chuck Made Us Famous said...

Sorry about that, I made a blog for our psychology group at school for an assignment and it was using that has my blog info.
I love your family picture, it makes me AZ although we are enjoying UT. I know we will be back in AZ someday.
Michelle has gotten so big from when I remember her in my brief Primary presidency days. How is the ward and you doing?

Kenna Koona said...

I was the one who tought her how to! Miss u guys. See ya on June

The Hansen Family said...

That's very true. Thanks Kenna!

cadi said...

Truly impressed!