Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Run

Saturday our church held a "Fun Run." Why they feel those two words go together is beyond me. Michelle has a friend in her class at school who really wanted her to come to the run. "But, she says I can come to her house when it's over," Michelle plead, after I whined about having any "fun" at a run (yes, yes, I know I'm a boob). Waking up early on a Saturday to exercise?? Bleeeckk.

So anyway, she did convince me to go.
At first I was thinking of taking our bikes. Then I remembered the gas station air thingy and the pumping up of flat tires that would be required.
Then, watching Penny running around and acting super cute that morning, I decided it would be fun to take dogs with us. Since Michelle and I were the only ones going (Rick was at work and Brandon was at gym, the story of both their lives), we could only take two dogs. I wanted to take Penny because she would have the most fun, and I decided Bosco was the best choice for #2 because I thought he could handle it best. Bandit is getting so deaf that he's a little hard to handle in a crowd and Tony's so little, sometimes he doesn't even finish when I take them for walks at night. When he's done, he'll just wait in the middle of the road until I turn around and head back home.

So Bosco and Penny it was.

On your marks,
Bosco and Michelle, with her friend Noelani at her side.

Penny dragging me along. She kept me running for the first half, then I switched dogs with Michelle so I could dawdle behind Bossy as he sniffed every bush for a little bit. It wasn't long before Penny wore Michelle out and traded me back though.

Michelle with some of her friends in her class: Claire (and her little sister Sophie), Noelani and Ashleigh

Headed back to Noe's house on her cool golf cart.
Okay, okay. So it WAS a fun run.
Who knew?


Kathryn said...

Hey Jenny! I wish I could have gone to that. I was teaching a step class at the gym and Savannah had a soccer game! Oh well, I'm glad you went. Are you doing the turkey trot?

cadi said...

I have always loved that activity! I think the first year Krispy Kreme donated donuts. Good Times!

Chris and Andrea said...

Yes you get to do the tag! I hope that you have fun!

Krista said...

Hellllooooo, you can post something for December now!!! Thanks. :)

The Henderson Family said...

Happy New Year Jenny! How fun to find you on here, if you even remember me from a few years back! What a cute family you have and how big your kiddos have gotten since we saw you last! How's Falcon Hill Ward? Jared has run into Rick a few times out there and actually works right by the dealership now! Small world since we now live in Queen Creek. It will be fun to keep up with your family via blogging! Keep in touch and take care.

-Dianna (Harris) Henderson

Carrie said...

I am so glad you got our christmas card and now we can be bloggers!! haha. You look just as beautiful as ever. I can't believe Brandon is soooo...mature. Crazy! I think I spent about 10 min. looking at your blog. I am glad all is going well for you! Now I can check to see what you are up to.

The Pierce Post said...

Hey there! I just started this blogging thing a couple of weeks ago. I found you on the Herbst's list. Justin is wondering when you are going to come back and play basketball "ya sissy."