Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Run

Saturday our church held a "Fun Run." Why they feel those two words go together is beyond me. Michelle has a friend in her class at school who really wanted her to come to the run. "But, she says I can come to her house when it's over," Michelle plead, after I whined about having any "fun" at a run (yes, yes, I know I'm a boob). Waking up early on a Saturday to exercise?? Bleeeckk.

So anyway, she did convince me to go.
At first I was thinking of taking our bikes. Then I remembered the gas station air thingy and the pumping up of flat tires that would be required.
Then, watching Penny running around and acting super cute that morning, I decided it would be fun to take dogs with us. Since Michelle and I were the only ones going (Rick was at work and Brandon was at gym, the story of both their lives), we could only take two dogs. I wanted to take Penny because she would have the most fun, and I decided Bosco was the best choice for #2 because I thought he could handle it best. Bandit is getting so deaf that he's a little hard to handle in a crowd and Tony's so little, sometimes he doesn't even finish when I take them for walks at night. When he's done, he'll just wait in the middle of the road until I turn around and head back home.

So Bosco and Penny it was.

On your marks,
Bosco and Michelle, with her friend Noelani at her side.

Penny dragging me along. She kept me running for the first half, then I switched dogs with Michelle so I could dawdle behind Bossy as he sniffed every bush for a little bit. It wasn't long before Penny wore Michelle out and traded me back though.

Michelle with some of her friends in her class: Claire (and her little sister Sophie), Noelani and Ashleigh

Headed back to Noe's house on her cool golf cart.
Okay, okay. So it WAS a fun run.
Who knew?

Monday, November 3, 2008

35 and still HOT! :)

Rick's birthday fell on Sunday so Lisa Aurich and I decided to get our families together, like we used to do, and make him our big yummy breakfast.

The spread

Orange Cinnamon french toast with buttermilk syrup, Strawberry Cheesecake crepes with fresh strawberries, powdered sugar and Redi-whip, Lisa's famous hash browns and Regan's yummy fruit smoothies. Yummmmm

Ben licking the beater from the cream cheese filling
Brandon, cutie-pie Jacob, Michelle, Colton and Regan
Rick, Blaine, Lisa, Ben and Lexi
Rick getting Elmo hugs and kisses from Ben :)
This is the face Ben makes when you tell him to smile. Ha!
After breakfast, I went home and put dinner in the oven to take over to the Aurich's later. We went to the late session of Stake Conference with our old ward, then headed back to stuff ourselves some more.
What a fun day, full of good food and good friends. It was just like the good old days, except we didn't sleep over. :)
At home that night to open presents. Happy Birthday Ricky!

(Don't miss the Halloween post below!)

Halloween Night

Halloween was a little bit stressful, but only because of my signature procrastination. I spent the morning researching GPS units for Rick's birthday (on Sunday) then headed to the school at lunchtime for Michelle's class Halloween party. At school, Michelle told me she really wanted to decorate our car for the trunk-or-treat. This whole trunk-or-treat thing is new to me. In our old ward we just had a fall festival, no dressing up or decorating required. So now it's 2 pm and I don't have one piece of candy to give out and I'm trying to think of some way to decorate our car. I decided to make our car a hospital for sick pumpkins so I headed to Costco for candy and scrubs. Lots of candy, no scrubs. I went home to pick up Michelle and she reminded me she still didn't have a binki for her costume. She stayed home to clean her mouse cage and I headed to Wal-mart for scrubs, a binki and pumpkins. Got scrubs for me, none in Rick's size, and a binki. No pumpkins. So now I'm running out of time and wondering what the heck I'm doing anyway. Stopped at Fry's. No pumpkins. Went to Albertson's, got 3 pumpkins. Now I have to carve the stinking things! I called Rick and had him stop by our friend Ryan's to get some scrubs for himself and got to work on the sick Jack-o-lanterns and the car. Sometime in the middle of pumpkin carving, I remembered I was supposed to bring cornbread. Ooops. Needless to say, we were late. It was still fun though. I realized that nobody does any funny decorating, it's just halloween decorations.

Next year will be much easier. :)

Michelle was a baby. Here she is with her friends Brooklyn and Whitney the pirates, Andi the hula girl and Claire the fairy.

The hospital

Cute friends' kids at the Peterson's for doughnut night
Everyone had fun on the teeter totter
Even Rick and Kristian! Ha!

Thanks Peterson's for fun as usual!